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the sjambok is the product of volunteers.   Nobody gets paid for any creative contributions.

We welcome submissions of any original written or graphical work that fits in with the theme of our site.  You will retain the copyright to any work you submit, though we ask permission to use the work for at least 3 months. Submissions may be subject to editing and are only accepted by people writing on their own behalf. You can submit material under a nom de plume, but we will require your real name and details, as is normally the case.

Please note that we will accept submissions at our own discretion.   Since we do this in our spare time, if your work is not accepted, it may not be possible for us to provide you with a reason. 

Running a web site incurs costs - mainly hosting charges for space on a web server.  At the moment we pay these costs out of our own pocket.   If you would like to contribute financially, or by way of making resources available to us, we would be grateful.  In return, we would consider advertising for you.

To submit material:               submissions@sjambok.co.za
Financial contributions:         admin@sjambok.co.za
Comments on content:           feedback@sjambok.co.za
General queries:                    admin@sjambok.co.za