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Issue 20, April 2006

Issue 20 Credits

Top Story       - Microsoft To Introduce DNA Registration
Bottom Story  - Reality Reality TV Kicks Off
Other Articles - Zuma Patents AIDS-removal Shower Technique

                     - Plane Crashes As Raindrops Turn to Jelly Tots
Issue 19, June 2005

Issue 19 Credits

Top Story       - Dr Rath Health Foundation Makes New Scientific Leap
Bottom Story  - Insurance Companies' New Policy Is Honesty
Agony Recce  - Post Traumatic Stress Accusation
Other Articles   - Jedi Mind Tricks Useless As Mbeki Forced To Fire Zuma
                       - World Peace No Longer As Important At Miss World Pageant
Issue 18, April 2005

Issue 18 Credits

Top Story       - Dan Brown Eyes Next Novel
Bottom Story  - R.E.M. Poser Caught Out
Agony Recce  - Wife Worries
Other Articles   - Scientists To Probe Radio Call Show Stupidity Phenomenon
                       - Green Scorpion Arrests Red Scorpion
Issue 17, February 2005

Issue 17 Credits

Top Story       - Tokyo Sexwale To Launch 'Formula T' Racing
Bottom Story  - Cryptic SMS Leaves Man In Dumps
Agony Recce  - Weight problems
Other Article   - Remains Of Little Pig Found In RDP House
What If?         - ...Eugene Terreblanche somehow became President of South Africa?
Issue 16, January 2005

Issue 16 Credits

Top Story       - Study On Useless Research Pinpoints Self
Bottom Story  - Parliament To Ban White Speedos
Other Articles - Gillman Dumps Girlfriend For Being "too irritating"
                     - Visionary Predicts "five-bladed" Razors In Distant Future
Issue 15, October 2004

Issue 15 Credits

Top Story       - MDC Youth League Punks Mugabe
Bottom Story  - New Study Links Breathing and Lung Cancer
Other Articles - C-Max Prison To Be Replaced by C-Max Plus Prison
                     - Fake Marriage Victim To Take Half
Issue 14, August 2004

Issue 14 Credits

Top Story       - Man Fails To Score Despite Being Irresistable
Bottom Story  - Isidingo Gives Borderline Psychos A Bad Name
Other Articles - Olympic Hammer Thrower Tells Of Irritation
                     - Tractor-mechanic Surprised At Indians
Issue 13, July 2004

Issue 13 Credits

Top Story       - Saddam Employs Shaggy Defense
Bottom Story  - AWB Moves To Strengthen Resistance In Jail
Other Articles - Fondue-mendalists Cheesed Off
                     - Choir Member 'too supportive'
Issue 12, May 2004

Issue 12 Credits

Top Story        - Local Critic Appalled, Hurt By TV Nudity Levels
Bottom Story  - Plumber Not Getting Laid Enough On The Job
Other Articles - Golf Study Fails To Reach Ladies Tees
                     - Hair-trigger Man Faces Jail Time
Issue 11, May 2004

Issue 11 Credits

Top Story        - Archeologists Discover Reason For Pyramids
Bottom Story  - Van Schalkwyk Releases Pop Album
Other Articles - Isrealis And Palestinians Kill Each Other Again
                     - Man Wishes He Had Made His Move
Issue 10, May 2004

Issue 10 Credits

Top Story       - Refinery Chiefs Invite Environmentalists Over For A Smoke
Bottom Story  - Prostitutes Excited At World Cup
Other Articles - Telkom Wins Monopoly Advertising Award
                     - Foreign Affairs Hires SABC Talk Show Hosts
Issue 9, May 2004

Issue 9 Credits

Top Story        - Satan Lauds Computer Industry
Bottom Story   - Reiki Practitioners In Bid To Heal The World
What If?           - ...David Beckham had taken up darts instead of football?
Other Articles   - Rumsfeld Had Fingers Crossed
                       - Snakes And Ladders SA Berates Media
Issue 8, April 2004

Issue 8 Credits

Top Story        - Miss India SA Competition Expands To Incorporate Others
Bottom Story  - Swazi King Declares Himself Lord And Master Of All He Purveys
Other Articles - Housewife Pleasantly Surprised by Taxi Driver
                     - Health Minister Taunts Critics
Issue 7, April 2004

Issue 7 Credits

Top Story        - Palestinians, Israelis Compare Kill Ratios
Bottom Story   - New Study Finds Drugs "pretty fucking cool"
What If?           - ...fate had led George W Bush to become President of South Africa ?
Other Articles  - Girl Finds Sex Good, But Not Great
                      - Election Court Dismisses IFP Motion in Summary Judgement
Issue 6, April 2004

Issue 6 Credits

Top Story        - Vote Counting Joke Leads To Homicide
Bottom Story   - Gummi Bears No Longer Bouncing Here, There, Or Anywhere
What If?           - ...the DA won the General Elections?
Other Articles  - Consultant Uses Her Breasts To Extend Deadlines
                      - Easter Bunny Claims Responsibility For Low Death Toll
Issue 5, April 2004

Issue 5 Credits

Top Story        - Deceased Al-Qaida Suicide Bombers Hijack John Edwards Show
Bottom Story   - Anderson Executives Start Accounting School
What If?           - ..Drew Carrey's show "Whose line is it anyway" were hosted in South Africa?
Other Articles  - Nerdy Engineer Suddenly Becomes Popular
                      - Drag Racer Finally Proved Wrong
Issue 4, April 2004

Issue 4 Credits

Top Story        - Local Psychic Predicts Own Death
Bottom Story   - Leon Recovers From Stress Disorder
Other Articles  - Black Eyed Pea Actually Gets Retarded
                      - Local Youth Completes Transformation to American Youth
Issue 3, March 2004

Issue 3 Credits

Top Story        - God Apologises for Apartheid
Bottom Story   - Newsgroup Ignores New New New National Party
Other Articles  - Maya The Bee Murdered By Killer Bees
                      - Felicia Nominates Herself for The Order Of Luthuli
Issue 2, March 2004

Issue 2 Credits

Top Story        - New Britney Video Not 'Toxic' Enough to Kill Christina
Bottom Story  - BioSlim Releases BioSmart
Short Story     - Jesus Loves The Little Children
Other Articles - Scorpions Staff Killed by Scorpion
                     - Home Affairs to Screen American Tourists
Issue 1, March 2004

Issue 1 Credits

Top Story       - Health Minister Spearheads Cabbage Patch Kid AIDS Research
Bottom Story  - IFP Election Rally Leaves Supporter Disappointed
Other Articles - Free State Traffic Cops Declare Zero Tolerance on Small Bribes
                     - Local girl regains self-respect after one-night stand

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